Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the Suzuki Method?
A: CLICK HERE to read all about it!

Q: Why Suzuki?
​A: CLICK HERE to understand our Vision.

Q: Isn't Suzuki just for little kids?
A: While the Suzuki Method is ideal for, and geared towards, starting in the preschool years, it can be successfully used with older children and adults. You can be assured that Ms. Sharon has had extensive experience and success with teaching children of all ages, as well as adults. One of her favorite aspects of teaching privately is having the opportunity to work one-on-one with each student, assessing their personality, learning style, and specific needs according to age, background, etc. She then tailors her teaching to that individual student in order to achieve the best all-around results, always aware of when and how the approach might need to be tweaked over time.

Q: How long are the lessons, and what is covered?
A: In general, Beginner students through the end of Book 1 will take a 30- or 45-minute lesson. Around the time that they move into Book 2, they will increase to a 45-minute or 1-hour lesson. In Book 4 or 5, we will increase to a 1-hour or longer lesson, depending on the student’s needs.

Depending on the student's level and needs, the lesson time will consist of any or all of the following: 
- Warm up (Tonalization, scales, etc)
- Review pieces
- Polished pieces
- New pieces
- Technique books/exercises
- Music theory/history
- Note reading
- Outside music (i.e. orchestra)
- Parent development, questions, etc

Within everything listed above, we will always be keeping posture, form, technique, tone, attitude/character, etc at the forefront. The student and parent will also receive many practice tips to help make your time at home the most efficient and effective as possible.

Q: Does my child need to participate in the Group Classes?
A: Yes, all students at the Academy are required to participate in Group Classes. These classes will reinforce what we have been working on in Private Lessons, and will also help your child to develop in the following areas: healthy social skills, listening & teamwork, ensemble playing, etc.

Q: What's the difference between a Violin and a Viola? Which instrument should my child learn?
A: The answers to these and several other related questions can be found on the "VIOLA FAQs" document.

Q: Can we enroll anytime?
A: YES! The Academy takes new students at any time throughout the year, depending on whether or not there are openings available. The Academy tuition will be prorated depending on which week of the month the student starts lessons.

Q: How much does it cost, and how do we make payments?
A: Enrollment in The Suzuki Academy at Rose Haven is not a “payment per service” arrangement, but rather a tuition-based business. Enrolling in music lessons is a purchase of a teacher’s services and a reservation of the teacher’s time. Tuition entitles a student to school membership and scheduled weekly lessons & classes. Your child’s lesson time is reserved for him/her, and since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time and money lost. The full fee is to be paid whether or not the student attends all lessons; lessons missed by the student for any reason will not be made-up nor tuition refunded. Notification of inability to attend a lesson is appreciated, but does not excuse payment for contracted lessons.

**Please read through the Parent Guidebook, which includes specific tuition and payment information.**

(Stay tuned for more FAQs to come!)